Find Doraemon episodes?

Hello, i'm new to this community and I struggle to find the latest Doraemon episodes from the 2005 series as well as episodes from the 1979 series. Is there anyway I can watch (stream/download) them? Hopefully with english subs, if not, raws are okay too!

Thank you! :) 
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Hi all, I'm new and with a question. Apart from Ebay, can anyone recommend a good place with nice Doreamon plushies? I have quiet a few but always wanting to expand my collection lol! I don't mind in what country, Japanese site or otherwise. Just like some help.
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Hi all!

Just joined this wonderful community! I wish there were english translations for ALL volumes of doraemon, i have found various scanlation groups that havent really gotten that far with english chapters but i want them all!! LOL I am totally obsessed with doraemon now!!! It sucks, everywhere else they get to enjoy doraemon and the US doesnt!!
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"Wheeee!" For Doraemon on the Wii!

If this only came out here in the US. Then I'll be happy. :D

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So it's basically a multi-player game filled with loads of mini games you can play with your friends, families, whatever. There's also another Doraemon game coming out on the Nintendo DS for that new Doraemon movie coming out in like March 2008 or something.

news link ->


Other than that and me being new here..

This probably has been discussed before but who is your favorite character out of all the children/parents/etc.? Everyone loves Doraemon and Dorami (who wouldn't?) but I always found how interesting the kids are in the show. Nobita's mom and dad are also awesome. XD

How do you all feel about the new Doraemon style versus the old one? I grew up watching some of the shows and enjoying watching alot of the past ones I missed... but I do enjoy the new version as well.

I'll probably share a few Doraemon fanart with you all whenever I'm ready to. :D
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Found out about this over in depp_daily, thought I'd share with you guys.

Johnny Depp to Guest-Voice on Doraemon Pirates Special

Johnny Depp, the international star of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, will voice a guest role on the Doraemon children's animated television series this month. He will appear as the "Pirate Captain Johnny" character on "Doraemon One-Hour! Pirates Special!! The Great Decisive Battle of the Pirates: A South Seas Love Story," which will air on TV Asahi on Friday, June 29 at 7:00 p.m.

The role, which will be similar to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie trilogy's Jack Sparrow, is the first Doraemon role played by a Hollywood star. The special has the robot cat Doraemon and his friends time-traveling to the Caribbean Sea at the end of the 16th century. Series regular Shizuka-chan will fall in love with a handsome pirate named Kenneth, who knows a certain Captain Johnny. TV Asahi is keeping the exact scene with Depp's cameo a secret.

Captain JohnnyThe cameo came about when Doraemon chief director Kōzō Kusuba, a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean ever since the first movie, made Depp an offer for a "dream collaboration." According to the studio Shinei Animation, Depp reportedly agreed "because it's Doraemon," a series broadcasted in dozens of countries worldwide. Depp currently lives part of the year in France, where the anime has been dubbed for broadcast and the manga is readily available in bookstores.

SOURCE: Anime News Network

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Doraemon Article

So basically listed the top 20 Asian heroes, and Doraemon was the only cartoon character in the top 20.   I'm not quite sure when this article was from but I thought it was really great/put Doraemon into a really great prespective:  Out of curiousity, what exactly happens at the end of Doraemon?  And does anyone know of a place w/ an English translation to the last Doraemon comic? 

*spoiler* I read somehwere that supposedly Doraemon malfunctions and Nobita works really hard so that when he grows up he's able to fix Doraemon.