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Just a friendly "Hi" from a fan.

Hello all. I'm Sakura (as know asamiga_rippermod)and I'm a big fan of Doraemon,since age 13 (now I'm almost 16). Back in 2003-04 there was other anime/manga cartoons like Ninja Hattori or Sakura Card Captor,but then lately they ended cause of the new cartoon I watch,Doraemon. I always see this cartoon on TV now (we are in season 5) so then I quite enjoy this cartoon a lot. And it's very popular here so then is still 'alive'.

Favourite cartoon character: Maybe Nobita,cause when I was 10 years old I acted like he does (sleeping,reading comic books and not doing the homework)

Cartoon I hate so munch: Giant and Sueno. Maybe because they always are the bad ones because they make Nobita always jealous or envious and they hurt Nobita even if he didn't nothing at all.

Well...anyway to finish this post here are some images I found...

The funny thing is I know now the whole story from backwords to forwords. It is quite funny and I like watch it over and over. Even I have some funny episodes I like recorded in tapes. So then I love this show...
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