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Your Faithful Robot Cat..
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The Cat-Like robot from the 22nd century of the future
(Perhaps the most famous manga character in all of Japan ^_^... Also pretty famous in Hong Kong)

Your Doraemon Journal Maintainer is dizeexillusionz
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You Love Doraemon a.k.a "Xiao Ding Dong" or "Ding Dong" to some people. I love Doraemon, JOIN THE COMMUNITY! ^_^..

-I Made this community because I've been searching around livejournal and I haven't found a community that was dedicated to our loyal friend Doraemon, so I had to make one myself. Doraemon is probably one of my most favorite manga characters. Besides his extremly cute head and body. I also loved the series..

Doraemon was created in 1969-70 by Fujimoto Hiroshi and Motoo Abiko. The cartoon & comic follow the life of Nobita Nobi and his robot-cat friend Doraemon.

What You Can Do Here

+ Post pictures of Doraemon or anything related to him. (Doraemon Bandaids, Doraemon on a Bus, Doraemon In Candy Boxes etc.)

+ Post pictures of your own Doraemon items and show them off. Maybe even put up a sale sign if you have anything to sell.

+ Discuss about Doraemon

+ Ask Doraemon questions

+ Post Links

+ Meet new Doraemon friends.

+ Well you get the deal.. ^_^

Rules (read it)

+ Well there isn't much to start off with.. but please use a lj-cut if your pictures are too large, don't ask people for LJ codes do that at another community that is for codes, and don't go off topic. Oh yeah, BE NICE! or don't say anything at all if your going to be rude to one another.

Other Stuff

+ I will also be deleting posts with broken links, and posts that are off topic.
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